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See the latest apps climbing the ranks and what they’re doing to succeed in the app economy.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Dr. Mario World Latest Summer Game Release to Soar in App Rankings — Reaching #1 Faster Than Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Dr. Mario World, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and BTS World all reached #1 in downloads within hours over the last month due to strong branding and fan followings.

Mobile Gaming

Pokémon Sleep: Awakening Consumers to a New Type of Gamification

The Pokémon Company opened eyes this week when it announced its latest innovation: Pokémon Sleep.

Market Data

Mobile Minute: The Power of Exclusive Content — Game of Thrones Drives Mobile Surge for HBO

Game of Thrones has accelerated growth for HBO’s mobile apps. This rise highlights the power of offering unique, engaging content to maintain competitiveness and increase lifetime user value.

Market Data

The Most Successful Companies of All Time on iOS

App Annie’s look back at the first 10 years of the iOS App Store reveals the companies that have found the most success on iOS and how our favorite apps have changed each year.

Top and Trending Apps

3 Female Founders Leading the App Economy

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on three bold women using the power of mobile to make an impact.

Market Data

Over 2 Billion People Use 1 of the Top 5 Social Apps Each Month

From Instagram to WhatsApp and beyond, Facebook’s collection of apps dominated many markets

Mobile Gaming

PUBG Launches in China, Starts New Era in Mobile Gaming

Following PUBG’s mobile release in China, we take a look at the game’s background and why it’s going to be a big deal in mobile markets this year.

Market Data

Spend in Top Dating Apps Nearly Doubled Last Year

We celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking a look at how people across the globe are looking for love on dating apps, and opening their wallets in the process

App Annie News

Announcing the Top 5 ASEAN Publishers of 2017 & New Webinar

In our annual rankings, we take a look at the publishers who led the app economy in 2017