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Mobile App User Acquisition

Learn the most effective methodologies to gaining new mobile app users that will help you build a successful mobile app user acquisition (UA) strategy. Explore testing ideas, reporting best practices, strategic lead acquisition tactics and more!

Mobile App User Acquisition

Super Mario Run Rewrites the Playbook for Mobile App Launches

Super Mario Run is poised to be a global hit thanks to its best-in-class marketing game plan.

Mobile App User Acquisition

DataVisor Reports on Ways to Tackle UA Fraud

When new installs seem too good to be true, it could be user acquisition fraud. DataVisor explains how to fight back.

Mobile App User Acquisition

Weighing the Benefits of Reward-Focused UA

ironSource shares how reward-based user acquisition strategies can pay off, and how best to use this promotional tactic.

Mobile App User Acquisition

Insights on UA: PSafe Shares Tactics That Work

Utility app publisher PSafe shares tips and tricks for acquiring and retaining users.

Mobile App User Acquisition

Three Ways to Focus Your UA Efforts

AppLovin offers insight into winning user acquisition strategies and tactics.

Mobile App Strategy

How to Create, Implement and Measure Your UA Strategy

Create a data-driven user acquisition strategy. Use our playbook to find, attract and keep new users.

Mobile App Strategy

Retailers, Now Is the Time to Start Using Search Ads

Three ways retail apps are leveraging iOS Search Ads to attract new users.

Mobile App User Acquisition

Fall TV Premieres Drive Mobile UA Campaigns

Streaming video apps are using fall premieres as a UA hook. See how they’re using exclusive content to drive trial subscriptions and installs.

App Store Optimization

Apple's New Search Ads: What You Need to Know

Apple’s Search Ads launched October 5. We look at whether you should try this new platform.