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Publishers and their Apps Now Mapped with App Annie DNA

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App Annie DNA Classifies App Data to Deliver a Deeper Dive into the App Economy

The global app economy can be bit of a daunting place. Apps exist in multiple platforms, publishers use multiple publishing accounts and companies own multiple subsidiaries. You’ve told us how important it is for you to simply see which apps and publishers are linked together, so we’re bringing you App Annie DNA!

App Annie DNA is a project that classifies app data to give customers a deeper understanding of the app economy. Launching in Store Stats, App Annie DNA filters apps by publisher, parent company, store and franchise, each time you search.

App Annie DNA is part of the App Annie mission to deliver the metadata you need to support your business, whether you want to analyze the performance of an entire franchise, or get a complete picture of a company’s recent acquisitions.

Unified App

The Unified App feature allows you to check each version of an app within and across stores, regardless of platform compatibility, pricing or language. Take for example, a publisher wanting to understand the performance of the Angry Birds app across all its incarnations, using App Annie DNA they can group together all the versions of the app; free, HD, paid or Chinese language, regardless of platform.

Unified Apps


App Franchise

Movie studios, sports leagues, game and global publishers all build app brands; the App Franchise feature allows you to check all the apps that belong to a particular franchise within, and across stores. For example the popular Disney ‘Where’s My’ franchise has several apps under the same series, but each with a different app name.
App Franchise


The reality is that any one company is likely to have multiple publishing accounts. Rovio, for instance, publishes under Rovio Stars, Rovio Entertainment and Rovio Mobile. Suppose you want to follow a competitor and understand all of their apps, with the Company feature multiple publisher accounts within, and across stores are grouped together.


Parent Company

If you’re in the investment, M&A, or analyst space you may want to understand the performance of apps across an entire company entity. Parent Company shows a detailed view of a company’s subsidiaries, with each acquisition a company has made, clearly displayed. Below you see that Chillingo is a subsidiary of parent company Electronic Arts.
Parent Company

App Annie DNA now supports iOS, Google Play and Amazon covering all major apps and publishers, and the database will continue to grow. Built upon our proprietary algorithms, continuing quality control and consistent contextual referencing, you can also be assured that App Annie DNA will be retaining data integrity.

We look forward to your feedback. If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch with the DNA team here.

Warm regards,

The App Annie DNA Team

February 3, 2014

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