App Annie Ascend Features

Advertising analytics and revenue growth, simplified

Optimize your advertising and monetization ecosystem

Visualize your advertising revenue analytics

Access chart trends and customized header stats for the metrics and dimensions that matter.

Aggregate data from over 400 partners

Seamless credential-based access to Ad Platforms, Mediation, App Store, Acquisition, Attribution and Data Cloud sources in a single API call.

Pivot to compare ad revenue

Run analytics across your advertising metrics and dimensions by sum, average, and percentage change to refine your ad revenue strategy.

Enrich with seamless data normalization

Stay ahead of partner classification discrepancies by bulk editing dimensions or creating custom rules with intuitive ETL solutions.

A quick tour of App Annie Ascend

Accelerate your analysis with advanced features

Export Data

Automate reporting with one-click to Amazon, Google and other cloud connections.

Monitor Accuracy

Match actuals to partner estimates to ensure data fidelity for accurate analysis.

Automated Alerts

Create email alerts to identify anomalies and opportunities in real-time.

Fixed Metrics

Hardcode unique CPMs and metrics to reflect direct deals with partners.

Enriched Collection

Unify your ad revenue data across time zones, look-back windows and custom partners.

Secure Customer Data

We keep your data secure and private within App Annie Ascend. App Annie Ascend data isn’t shared with Intelligence for modeling.

Dive deeper into App Annie Ascend

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“App Annie Ascend has turned data tasks that used to take days into hours, and hours into minutes. I use App Annie Ascend's API connectivity daily to collect and aggregate UA Spend and Revenue. It’s easy to connect to, and gives me access to all of our collated data.”

Mark Rayson, Lead Data Analyst, Kwalee

Unlock advertising ROI, monetization and acquisition