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Confidently Navigate the Entire App Lifecycle with App Annie Intelligence

Uncover best practices for increasing mobile app engagement by identifying top performing apps in your category

Discover features that drive increases in active users and retention for your competitors before implementing them in your own product strategy

Leverage user reviews at scale to boost downloads and user sentiment

Automate review monitoring with the help of Natural Language Processing to reveal actionable signals that keep users happy and protect your market share

Create a more focused product by developing user profiles based on demographics and user behaviors

Drive stronger brand loyalty by aligning features and messaging to your target audience

A Trusted Resource for All Teams

For product management

Building apps under tight deadlines with limited resources and ambitious goals requires accurate, indisputable data.

For marketing

Create smarter app marketing campaigns with efficient, targeted audience engagement.

For strategists

Evaluate an app publisher’s growth potential by reviewing the performance of all of its apps.

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Cutting Edge Insights, One Platform

Customized, targeted insights that move at the pace of your app business

Drive downloads & revenue

Access estimates for millions of apps to discover which store, country, category or device is driving success.

Improve usage & retention

Understand engagement metrics including active users, market penetration, duration and frequency of use.

Gain a competitive edge

Track and monitor competitor market share, growth trends, and rank trends over time.

Prioritize feature updates

Sort user reviews and feedback by version to see how app updates impacted store rankings.

Explore demographics & behaviors

Dive into user demographics and analyze cross-app usage patterns to enhance product and marketing efforts.

Optimize ASO & paid search

Discover keywords to optimize your app store presence and uncover competitors’ paid and organic keyword strategies to defend your app’s rank.

Our platform experience enables faster time to actionable insights

Seize the next big opportunity

Be the first to know how apps and markets are performing across specific countries, platforms and key metrics across the app lifecycle — from downloads to retention.

Spring to action when new opportunities or threats surface

Get timely alerts about changes to specific apps or markets delivered to you via web, mobile app, email or Slack.

Access App Annie data the way you need it

Easily access App Annie data via our web or mobile apps, CSV export, API, or data share integrations. However you work, App Annie has you covered.

Customize your experience to the way you work

Tailor App Annie to the needs of your role, industry and business challenge by creating custom app groups and reports and saving those that you rely on most.

Enhance team collaboration and alignment

Teams work better when they work together. Easily create teams to share data for your own apps and quickly share app market data reports to stay on the same page.

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Intelligence customers are responsible for over 50% of all revenue on Google Play and iOS App Store

“We realized App Annie was a great tool that would give us more insights on both a strategic and technical level, so we could make more intelligent business decisions.”

Martin Edelman, Vice President of Operations, Glu

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With a premium App Annie Intelligence account, our customers can get early access to our newest innovations under development. Play an active role in influencing our product roadmap by telling us what you love, and what you don't.

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Consolidate all your app store, usage and advertising data in one platform to get a full view of your app performance.

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