App Annie Libring

Make better decisions, faster with a complete view of mobile ad data

Improve monetization and return on advertising spend with normalized advertising data from 350+ connectors across the mobile ad ecosystem.

Data from your key connectors all in one place

Visualize all your monetization metrics in an intuitive dashboard and reveal your strongest partners, networks, and platforms to gain a competitive advantage.

Mobile Ad and Marketing Data Made Actionable

Accelerate ROI with actionable mobile advertising and marketing data.

Aggregate Data

With normalized data from 350+ sources, there’s no longer a need to piece together the story from disparate sources — see it all in one place.

Boost Revenue

Automatically track your eCPM and fill rates to understand where you’re leaving money on the table to improve performance over time.

Uncover RoAS

Connect the dots between monetization and user acquisition in order to optimize return on ad spend.

Identify Top Partners

Pinpoint your top networks, platforms, and partners to focus on the most valuable opportunities.

Visualize Success

Tap into dynamic visualization to immediately analyze key performance metrics to power your decision making.

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