The App Annie Platform

The first and only platform to navigate the entire app lifecycle

Our groundbreaking platform is the backbone for developing actionable insights and app strategies that create extraordinary success and a lasting advantage over the competition.

About the App Annie Platform

The industry’s first app data platform integrates your app data with our comprehensive market data, cutting-edge data science, deep data foundation and engaging data experience. Through our platform, you can get immediate access to all our latest technology innovations and data sets, share the right data with the right people at the right time, pinpoint prime opportunities — and most crucially — create winning strategies.

Data Experience
Data Science
Data Foundation

The App Annie platform accelerates time-to-action and drives success

Seize the next big opportunity

Be the first to know how apps and markets are performing across specific countries, platforms and key metrics across the app lifecycle — from downloads to retention.

Spring to action when new opportunities or threats surface

Get timely alerts about changes to specific apps or markets delivered to you via web, mobile app, email or Slack.

Access App Annie data the way you need it

Easily access App Annie data via our web or mobile apps, CSV export, API, or data share integrations. However you work, App Annie has you covered.

Customize your experience to the way you work

Tailor App Annie to the needs of your role, industry and business challenge by creating custom app groups and reports and saving those that you rely on most.

Enhance team collaboration and alignment

Teams work better when they work together. Easily create teams to share data for your own apps and schedule reports to be sent to them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Stay on the same page, and never forget to log in and monitor important metrics.

Additional Data Integrations

Cloud Data Warehouse

Snowflake Data Share imports App Annie Intelligence directly into your data warehouse — ready to query, live and continuous, without calling APIs.

Cloud CRM Software

Salesforce Connector embeds App Annie Intelligence estimates directly in your lead records to help you build a better pipeline and close deals.

Why App Annie?

Over 1 million users rely on App Annie for the industry’s most accurate, trusted and comprehensive app market data.