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Leading teams can be challenging when there are multiple stakeholders with differing priorities, conflicting perspectives, and varying data sources.

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App Annie data provides the logic and rigor necessary to make important business decisions and get ahead of industry changes. Track data trends on leaders in key global markets as well as the categories and countries with the most potential.

Make informed decisions

With imprecise information you could waste the limited resources and time you have to build products customers love. More effectively prioritize your roadmap after reviewing both the success of competitors’ new features and their customer feedback.

Launch successful features

Keep a pulse on the success of your feature launches by implementing customer feedback and leveraging app usage metrics.

Sell the value of your solutions — to all your stakeholders

Get your team excited about the solutions you’re building to solve critical customer problems. Use App Annie data to communicate the value of the product you’re creating to align your team with your goals.

“App Annie is integral to maintaining Trainline’s leading position within the travel app category. We used app usage trends from App Annie’s data as a key indicator of those customers that will eventually transact with us, driving our growth.”

Dave Slocombe, Product Director, Trainline

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