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Luckiest Wheel (pro)

Prix: 1.49 USD

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Description de l'appli

- MORE THAN 3500 PANELS currently.
- Online panel updating.
- New panels added on a daily basis.
Solve as many panels as you can before the time's up! Make your self millionaire spinning the wheel!
Win virtual dollars, or duplicate the available time, but be careful! you can also fall into bankrupt losing all your money, or get your time cut by half.
Challenge your friends on multiplayer mode and show who is the clever one.
Lauch the wheel sliding your finger over the yellow arrow. The more nexted panels you solve, the more money you will get to beat your own scores.
DISCLAIMER: "The Luckiest Wheel" is NOT an official game from "The Wheel of Fortune" and it has no endorsement and no relationship with no TV show or TV channel.
There is no help screens yet, although I think it is rather intuitive, here are a couple of tips:
- You cannot solve the panel before discovering a given percent of the letters that varies with difficulty level. At that time the SOL key will be enabled and you may use it to SOLve the panel.
- To use vocals you must buy them and the price is $200 ($2000 from 1.7.1+) for each. So if you have less than such amount they will be disabled until you reach su

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