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Apple Avengers Free

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Description de l'appli

NOTE: This is the FREE/DEMO version of Apple Avengers. The full version of the game can be purchased for $2.99. This free version includes the first 10 levels from the full game as well as 2 of the running levels : Fuji Dash and Shroom Dash. All screenshots are from the full version of the game.
"Apple Avengers is a prime example of how good a Unity game can be." -
"If you’ve been hankering for a ambitious platformer we recommend that you check out Apple Avengers." -
"Apple Avengers is a really thrilling and challenging game for both kids and adults." -
"Apple Avengers" is an Action / Adventure / Platformer similar to Super Mario Bros. You play the role of Fuji, a heroic apple who embarks on a quest through 5 bright and colorful worlds overrun by an army of worms. You will earn 8 different Powerups throughout the game allowing you to transform into one of the legendary Apple Avengers. Use their skills to fight, jump, fly and roll your way through 55 levels of platforming madness and 4 unique automatic running levels.
Apple Avengers is a platformer game similar to Super Mario Bros. Like Mario, Fuji can jump and stomp on enemies. Also like Mario, you will earn several new powerups to help you along your adventure.
Can you stop King Lumbricus and his army of Wild Wacky Worms? Come jump in and find out. Experience a new platformer available now on Android!
*2 Game Modes: Story Mode and Apple Dash. Apple Avengers offers a new take on the running genre as well as a lengthy Super Mario Bros. style quest full of platforming madness!
*Beautiful High Resolution graphics.
*5 colorful and imaginative worlds, each with their own distinct theme, style and challenge.
*8 playable characters and several unique abilities including Super Speed, Super Strength, Invincibility, Flight, Artillery, Slow Motion and more!
*More than 20 enemies and 5 epic boss fights. Each enemy has a different attack style so you better prepare for battle!
*10 golden seeds are scattered throughout each level. Collect them all to unlock the bonus world upon completing the game for a true challenge!
*User friendly controls and easy learning curve.

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