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Simply Fractions 2, Learn Math

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Description de l'appli

Simply Fractions 2 is designed for second grade to fourth grade elementary students to further their understanding of fractions, it is the next step from the Simply Fractions app.

Kids will learn about mixed fractions, equivalent fractions, fractions on a number line, a fraction of a collection whose size is greater than the denominator, compare fractions with different numerators and denominators, but can be compared to either 0, 1/2 or 1. We use a scaffolding approach, where the concept is introduced visually first, later there will be games without visual aid to strengthen the concept learned.

The full version has eight different mini activities. The lite version has 2 mini activities, no ads are served in either versions.

Here is a summary of the activities:

1. Shade Fractions 2: Like in Simply Fractions 1, you are asked to shade the squares, but the number of squares is larger then the denominator. They are arranged so you can easily see the grouping.

2. Mixed Fractions: You are presented with circles and a fraction of a circle, you will have to put in the correct whole number, numerator, denominator and the equivalent simple fraction's numerator and denominator. Since you are asked to put in the number rather than choosing from multiple choices, guessing is minimized.

3. Number Line: You have to put in the numerator based on the position on the number line, hints are provided so you will see the fraction on the number line is the same as a fraction of a whole. You will compare the fraction to a half, so you will be prepared to do the harder part of the compare exercises.

4. Fraction of a Set 2: Like in Simply Fractions, you are asked to color a fraction of objects, but the number of objects is larger than the denominator. You can rearrange the objects into separate groups so you can color the right amount of them.

5. Equivalent Fractions: You are asked to put in the numerator to make an equivalent fraction based on the visual model presented.
6. Compare: There are two modes, easy and hard. But in both modes you will need to rearrange the fractions into the right order. The easy mode, you will be asked to compare fractions with either the same numerators or the same denominators, these concepts were introduced in Simply Fractions, but here no visual aid is provided. The hard mode, the numerators and denominators are different, but they can be compared to a half, this is a crucial comparison strategy at this age.
7. Odd one out: You are provided with 4 fractions, you are to eliminate the one that is different than the other three equivalent fractions.
8. Equivalent memory: A classic memory game where you find pairs of equivalent fractions, this will strengthen the equivalent fractions skills.

No kids should feel dumb because they don't understand math, many times we fail them because we let them learn the next concept before they grasped the first concept. We hope to instill confidence and joy in children as they travel the long educational journey.

This app is designed with the common core standard in mind, and is optimized for both phones and tablets.

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