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African Rally Race 3D : 4x4 Kruger Safari

Éditeur: B Something
Prix: 0.99 USD

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Description de l'appli

Ready, Set, Rally! Start racing within 30 seconds of opening the app. No need to login and create a profile. No complex loading screens or menus. Just pure rally racing fun. 100 different courses to play. Race against the clock and your opponent. Be sure and pass all the checkpoints. If you miss one checkpoint, you must go back and clear it before the next checkpoint will appear.
This is the ads free version.
The focus on this app was great game play. We feel we have created a great racing game for kids of all ages. Race your rally car across the African Savannah. Watch out for the Elephants and Rhinos.
You begin by customizing you rally car. Choose the color combo that makes you feel fast.
Choose from over 100 different tracks. They are all setup differently. Play them all and go for the best time.
Be sure all clear all checkpoints. Before you can advance, you must clear the checkpoints. The next checkpoint will not appear until you pass near the previous checkpoint.
We spent a great deal of time and energy into creating a great driving experience. This was critical in making the game fun to play.
Every race you enter will have you racing against another car. This guy is a very accurate driver. Although he drives like your grandmother, you can be sure if you go too slow or go off course, she will win - - and you really don’t want to let your Gran to beat you.
Feel the breeze blowing and watch the clouds in the sky drift by you. Real african savannah trees and bushes have been added to create a realistic 3D Safari experience.
Watch out for that elephant! Drift around that Rhino. Watch how they move around and eat.
Please Note: This app pushes the limits of most mobile devices. The app will see the best performance on newer devices. To improve performance on older devices, it is best to restart your device before playing the game.

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