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Learn english with animals

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Description de l'appli

Teach your children about animals in their natural habitats and learn English at the same time. Dogs, cows, elephants, lions and many more beasts await!
“Learn English with animals” is a fun and educational app for children. It enables young children to have fun learning a foreign language. The application is aimed at youngsters aged between 2 and 6 years, at pre-school age.
Ideal for children who are just starting to learn English and for those with a higher level who want to revise their vocabulary. And, of course, parents can also take part, playing with their children and learning together. A fun experience for all the family!
An interactive story featuring 14 interactive screens, which enable children to visit different environments (jungle, desert, countryside, etc.) and discover all kind of wild and domesticated animals in their natural habitat: lions, zebras, elephants, dogs, cats, crocodiles, snakes, etc.
It also teaches the names of the animals and the sound they make in English.
• For children of all ages.
• Original and creative script.
• Exquisite illustrations.
• Wide range of interactive elements. Funny animations and sounds that create an extraordinary experience.
• Intuitive and easy-to-use interface with direct access to scenes.
• Easy-to-read thanks to its carefully thought-out typography.
• Touch the phrases to repeat. Great for young readers.
• Soothing and relaxing original soundtrack.
• Develops the child’s hand-eye coordination.
• No adverts.
• In Options, you can manage certain settings such as speech or music.
Visit our page at
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Take a look at at our videos and story previews on YouTube
DADA Company offers children quality entertainment designed to educate and have fun, and to give parents the satisfaction that they are offering their children an enriching educational experience.
Each DADA Company story is totally original and different to the previous one. DADA Company has been awarded with the 2013 Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award in the fiction category.
Some of their other titles include: "Four Little Squares", "1000 Adventures", "Off to bed! or "Learn with Transportation".

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