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The second book from BabyTV Song Books series ! Twinkle Twinkle Little Star joins Old MacDonald in BabyTV's interactive Song Book app.
A unique and engaging, interactive song book featuring the all-time favorite nursery rhyme – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Play and listen to the all time favorite nursery rhyme. Your kids will enjoy singing along to this classic song or listening to it read out loud like a bed-time story.
Two user modes - ‘Read to Me’ and 'Sing to Me’ make this app versatile and entertaining:
* Sing to Me – Flick through the pages of the songbook to hear the song sung aloud.
* Read to Me – Hear the song read aloud as a story.
* Auto Play button lets you choose between playing the song as a whole, or selecting your own pace.
Additional features your kids will love:
* Record - Your child can record him/herself singing the song along with the music and play it back for everyone to hear! (the recording will be saved as long as the app stays open)
* Xylophone – Play along with the song on a colorful xylophone
* Play video - Watch the full length of the nursery rhyme
* Fun animations - Tap the twinkling star to find out what picture it will draw in the sky or tap on your favorite BabyTV characters to see what surprises they have in store.
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