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Science Quiz Game Pro

Éditeur: Quetzal, Inc
Note: Pas encore noté
Prix: 0.99 USD

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Description de l'appli

Science Quiz game is the favorite Quiz App for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, now an App for Android™ on Amazon™.
Science Quiz game is a fun and entertaining game for all ages, students and children.
This is one of the best ways to gain knowledge and sharpen your basics about science while learning a lot through entertainment. Test your friends, kids and people around you of how much they know about science. Entertain your child with games, making sure the time you spend with them is quality assured.
Want to spend your time well entertained? This app has the edge to give you QUALITY entertainment.
Application includes hand-picked questions to give you a jolt to increase your knowledge when you play the game.
The Quiz is categorized into five categories, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Brain Teaser.
General Science covers a variety of topics from Science like - Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry and Biology etc.
Brain Teaser is a fun and entertaining way to challenge your brain keeping it healthy and focused and to relieve yourself from other stress.
Can you keep up? Enjoy the game with never ending experience with family and friends.
- Time based quiz
- No hassle, no fancy distractions – made easy to read and answer questions swiftly
- One of the best quiz app designs available on the store.
- Each category includes 20 levels
***** I really enjoy these quizzes! They require attention and speed. Thank you.
*****My long search for an intellectual n informative app ends here..i cant believe this app has replaced my son's bed time story n now he dozes of with a challenge on this. It turns out that my husband is not that smarter than me either...full version is a must,its totally worth it...
***** Not only aesthetically good, but also packed with great questions that reflect possible actual test questions that any student will appreciate and need! Plus, the team behind this wonderful app entertains inquiries and suggestions openly. This is a must have app for any student or graduate that needs a good refresher for Science subjects. Thank you for a well-made app! Keep it up! :)
***** Fantastic quizzes with interesting questions. A must have app!
***** Wonderful app that keeps you engaged. Easy and simple to use and helps to learn. Good for kids and adults.
***** Loved playing the game. It sure kept me in the hot seat with the clock ticking and my brain ferociously activated. Though am not well-versed in science it made me keen to replay and learn the answers. Simple and exquisite application for learning!

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