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Perfect teeth doctor games

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Description de l'appli

When we are younger than we like to eat fresh, eat lots of chocolate, waffles, fruit jellies, cookies or cakes. Many do not know that these goodies are not good for our teeth because we can cause cavities or tooth pain. You must try not to eat so many sweets, even if we can not help it. Today, our dental office came two children with large cavities that were complaining that he toothache. We need to examine and see what problems the teeth.

1) We need to remove all decay from teeth, clean his teeth and give him a water jet teeth in order to move to the next stage
2) We need to eliminate some fillings on the masses, because they cut out part in a lot of pain
3) We need to thoroughly rinse the teeth and to apply a coat of spray that will make your teeth shine

The guys who came today to the dentist feel better when he and thanked us very much for your help. They said they would reduce to less sweets to didn't have problems in the future.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other doctor games and games for girls to see if you're doing as well as you did before.

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