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The Survival Shooter Block 3D Hunter Games II

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Description de l'appli

If you enjoyed the first The Survival Shooter Block 3D Hunter Games II, you will go crazy for this epic follow up game that reenters you into the explosive world of survival of the fittest. Here mobcraft hordes outnumber you and the world is a warzone which you must navigate as you mine resources to aid you along your journey. This new chapter of challenging block world-style game play is an addictive entertainment certain to keep you up all night as you fight for ultimate victory.
In order to bring you the best experience possible, some levels are HUGE with plenty to explore. Because of this, load time can often take awhile. Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review, after all, this is a great game, and we just wanted to ensure this game was fully loaded with as much action packed fun as we could.
In the wake of the terrible crimes against blocky humanity, it is up to you to find the weapons necessary to survive! Locate hidden objects that will help you thrive in this bleak world where you are either the hunter or the hunted. Fight and obliterate all the warrior enemies in this immersive first person 3D shooter adventure game. Navigate obstacles and deal the most damage in this intense worldcraft universe where enemy strikes abound and it will be all you can do to survive on this brave frontier.
Navigate hired block guns and snipers whose target is kill on sight. Fight brutal death matches and be the unstoppable victor amongst angry mobs of elite terrorists. This is a life and death struggle you do not want to lose. Conquer your enemies and be the reigning champion in this test of survival that separates the men from the boys (and the girls from the women).
Fans of free first person adventure shooter games will be thrilled at the choices of weapons hidden throughout in this addictive retro-style pixel game. Utilize classic melee weapons or arm yourself with epic firearms as you go for the kill. If you like The Hunger Games and the Divergent movies then you will love this game of death matches and life and death struggles. Dive into the most epic and memorable action shooter game available.
• Many WEAPONS, GUNS & AMMO to use
• Beautiful environments - Smooth and simple controls
• Varied and powerful melee and firearm weapons
• Brutal hand-to-hand combat
• Speed, health, and ammo pick-ups
• Precision shooting
• Entity map offers aerial views of oncoming enemies
• Stealth strategy - Three epic maps to dominate:
• Capitols Footmen - City Center
• Special operations, sci-fi headquarters
This amazing world craft style game isn't associated with Minecraft, nor does it use any textures or skins associated with the Minecraft games. You won't see Steve, Creepers, Enderman or any other Minecraft characters either. What this game does have however is awesome immersive game play that allows you to see and feel the pixilated, 3D action of these beloved basic geometric Pixel shapes.
This game app is NOT associated or connected with Mojang AB and it's game Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.

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