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Clan of Stallions

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Description de l'appli

★★★★ ♞ Clan of Stallions is here! ♞ ★★★★
Do you love horses? Do you feel like controlling a wild horse as he gallops his way around a huge map, looking for family members, defeating bosses, enemy clans, and super giant animals?
You begin as a young colt, ready to race and chase down your enemies, get stronger, and ultimately defeat all the giant super bosses. Your young colt is the final remaining member of the infamous Ayanda Clan. ♞ Your objectives include: finding all the members of your new family, marking your territory, defeating all the bosses, enemy clans, and finally the super bosses.
***Special Feature Customize your Horse! Many color combinations to choose from.
Thanks for supporting Wildfoot games! We love our players!! We are trying our best to being you the most action packed animal simulators on the app stores. Clan of Stallions is the most recent installment of our adventure animal simulator games.
The most action packed stallion simulator game on the app store. Loaded with all your favorite forest animals including: Fox, Deer, Wolf, Horse, Pony, Bear, and Giant Eagle. Enter this forest world as a young horse, help him find his family, grow into a huge giant and powerful Stallion, and dominate the forest. Your group members will be your ultimate guardians. You must learn to use your own clan in order to win the game.
**Customize your Color by pressing the Edit button on the 'Me' page**
**8 Different Color and Style Options to Choose From**
Other enemies include : Eagle, Fawn, Fox, Deer, Bear, Duck, and Wolf . Be fast and race around the huge map and hunt down your enemies. Strike them before they get you. This game has elements of Wild Animal Survival, Role Playing, and Action Adventure games.
Magic includes : Electricity ⌁, Fire Boulder, Super Heal, and Invincibility Shield.
Top App Features:
♞ Fast paced and action packed animal simulator
♞ Find all 6 of your family members
♞ Locate all the magic books
♞ Hail your clan members when you are near your enemies
♞ Real wild animal sound effects and dynamic weather effects ☂
♞ Open World Survival game
♞ Huge 3D Forest Map
Map Features Include:
High Grass
Hidden Caves
Waterfalls and Lava Flow
Destructible Logs
Movable tree trunks
Trees, Rivers, and much more!!
How to Play:
1. Mark your territory
2. Find all 6 family members
3. Find all the 4 magic spell books
4. Beat all 6 Bosses
5. Defeat all 4 enemy Stallion Clans
6. Defeat all 6 Super bosses
Do you enjoy playing this game? We would love it if you let us know what you think. We tried hard to respond to all comments and listen to your suggestions. At Wildfoot, we love 3D animal simulators and our goal is to set the standard of quality for animal sims.
Please come check us out on Facebook: for updates. Remember that friendship is magic. Find your guardians and create your own legend! Thanks for playing our games!!♞

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