Dinosaur Robot Wars

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Description de l'appli

Dinosaur Robot Wars is very popular among children nowadays.
The most coolest skill of dinosaur robot is firing weapons, like flame thrower, machine gun and missile launcher.
If you also like it, today in our brand new game, you will have the opportunity to assemble one excellent dino robot.
Firstly, come to assemble the central body part of your mecha.
We will show you every part of the dinosaur,
you just need to follow our instructions to install each part one by one.
After this step, you need to use the same methods to assemble the legs parts,
head parts and tail parts step by step. At last, you can come to fix the weapon parts of the dinosaur robot.
After installation of the robot transformer, you can show us every skill of the dinosaur.
The dinosaur has some basic skills . Your dino can also take rapid fire and roaring laser attack!
Moreover, it can also lauching missile to take down enemies from ranger distance.
Every skill of the dinosaur is very cool and gorgeous!
Dinosaur Robot Wars Features:
- Fighting with turnbased system
- Two dino to choose: T-rex robot and Triceratops robot
- Assemble the central part of your dinosaur
- Use the same methods to fix legs,heads and tail
- Come to install the weapons parts carefully
- Show us the basic skills of the dinosaur
- Use the dinosaurís weapon to show us its excellent skill one by one
What do you waiting for?
Download Dinosaur Robot Wars now and don't forget to RATE GAME and LIKE our fanpage!
This app powered by ht83.com and totally free to download and play, all items are also free to use!

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