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Stickman Epic Warriors PRO

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Description de l'appli

In this game you can plunge into the atmosphere of the epic battle. Choose your stickman, wear him, choose a weapon and fight with other warriors. Avoid the traps of the battlefield, such as the guillotine, and destroy the waves of opponents. If you are ready to show the wonders of martial arts, you will definitely like it here!
* Minimalistic stickman style of graphics
* Interactive battlefield
* A fascinating process of battle with the warriors
* Epic collection of items
* 2 player mode
* The ability to send the enemy to the guillotine
Thanks to a simple graph you will not be distracted by the motley effects and will follow only the control of your stickman or warriors. Excellent physics will make the battle incredible and memorable, because you can epic crush all into small pieces. Use a collection of weapons, equipment, costumes and create your own unique style of combat. Vigorous music will not let you get bored and add strength during a difficult pirouette.
In order not to see your stickman on the guillotine, you will have to try, because against you professional warriors. Even without a weapon, they will find something to surprise you. Study the cards to be one step ahead and use the features of the environment for your own purposes. To hold out all the waves is not easy, so we wish good luck in the epic battle!
Do not forget about the joint mode. Call your friend and have fun playing for one game. Let everyone set up his own Stickman, and after that you can compare your skills. Find out which of you will be the winner, and who will feed the guillotine.
The game is completely free, so everyone can experience yourself in an epic battle to survive. Show other warriors their skills and reach the very end. It all depends on your strategy and reaction, so constantly train and revise your decisions. In any case, we wish to have fun and throw the enemy on the guillotine!

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