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Curated News

Éditeur: Curated News
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Description de l'appli

Curated News is a new way to consume information media. With so much available content, people need help sifting through it. That's where Curated News comes in. Many news aggregation platforms suffer from machine learning algorithms that tailor your news to your predisposition, leaving you either outraged by manipulation when it gets it wrong or desensitized when it gets it right.
Curated News is a different kind of media platform. While Curated News relies on aggregation like most of its competitors, it also crowd sources information, pooling the potential for unbiased sourcing by drowning out news and media manipulators. Furthermore, the list of aggregated news sources are checked and cross checked to ensure the best available news media divisions compete for your attention - and not the other way around.
Neuro-scientific research as far back as 2001 found that heightened brain activity associated with learning activates when surprised. It stands to reason: if you are currently consuming news media, you are not being surprised. You are being outraged. One state is good for stomping about angrily and the other is good for consumption. That's why, on top of its cutting edge statistical approach, Curated News takes it a step further by adding randomization. You might be thinking: "...this sounds like a bad idea. Why would I want random news?" The funny thing is: randomization, also known as stochastic processes, are prerequisites for any statistical model. Problematically, the world is random and the mind interprets that data by organizing it. When you use a machine learning algorithm, you are short-cutting the process and removing the important part of the mind's methodology to contextualize the world. Injecting "true" randomness into your media feeds, and not just probabilistic stochastic variables requires a lot more than a mathematical annotation. You need to section yourself off from the process while controlling the input behind the process. Essentially, randomness in the Curated News methodology is purposeful and this randomness acts like a naturally "spaced" barrier between your consumption and the production of information meant to manipulate your attention.
As if this isn't enough, Curated News takes pains to ensure a simple, but organized, visual delivery method. Pictures and especially those based on symbology are the leading cause of media psychological priming methodologies. While this might not be as well researched as other components to the Curated News methodology, there is an important connection that Curated News solves, after concerted research, between your psychological state and the constant interplay of artistic, mostly symbolic, forms of expression. The simple visual delivery method takes pains to re-orient your attention to time, date, and author - as opposed to news organization or other irrelevant metrics. This ensures you can hold content author's responsible but not penalize members of the news and media establishment that are only guilty of the sins of their co-worker by association. This furthermore limits your own bias because you don't stop yourself from clicking on an article that interests you, getting out of the way of your own learning!
Importantly, Curated News takes your security and privacy very seriously. That's why there are security features present in our app (and logistical content delivery approach that I won't discuss for privacy reasons) that I think leaves our competitors in the dust. Curated News prevents cross site scripting attacks by disabling java script, prevents cross site tracking by disabling cookies, sandboxes the app ecosystem from other apps on your phone, requests no permissions (with the exception of the internet), and disallows all clear text web traffic.
Let's fix the way we do things. Curated News looks forward to your support. Join the information revolution!

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