iBomber Winter Warfare

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Get ready to blow stuff up in stunning HD as all the action, adventure and excitement of iBomber arrives on your TV with iBomber Winter Warfare.

Play as either Luftwaffe ace Müller or Russian "Night Witch" hotshot Azarova and pilot the legendary Junkers JU88 and Tupolev TU-2 combat bombers as you seek out the enemy forces and target and destroy key bridges, naval bases, radar outposts and much more.

Fly daring missions and help save the day. Uncover the enemy fortress and take out the airbase. Hunt down the escaping enemy convoys, cruisers and submarines. Engage and overwhelm enemy battleships. Destroy vital enemy supply and fuel lines and much, much more!

iBomber Winter Warfare is amazing so let's go blow everything up and see how big can you score!

• Super bomb-dropping action
• Action-packed adventure
• Pilot WW2 bombers
• Search and Destroy or protect the convoy
• Jaw dropping explosions and effects
• Combo bomb drop score multipliers
• Siri remote or Game Controller support

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