viParty - Who is coming?

Éditeur: viWave ULife Co., Ltd.
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Description de l'appli

“viParty - Who is coming" is an E-Table game. You can open a game on Apple TV, show the game table on a large screen. Players join the game by the same App on mobile phone or pad to play together.

This is done by offering a card to another player starting at the same time, Believe or Not Believe, what Monster is pictured on it. The player who misjudges the other ends up with the card.
This game need superb bluffing skills, force another player to collect 4 of any one type of monster.

[Game Features]
* Use TV as a Table, enjoy the fun of multi-screen.
* Player's hand cards will be dealt to each iPhone / iPad.
* Multiplayer game, support 2 to 6 players.
* Cross-platform: Play with friends freely.

[Steps to start the game]
1. Make sure Apple TV Wi-Fi is connected
2. Launch Who is coming App on Apple TV to open a game table
3. Players can join game via the same App on mobile phones/pads those are in the same Wi-Fi network with Apple TV.
4. When there are 2 – 6 players join this game, player1 can start the game.

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