Level 17 - the nearly impossible accelerometer game.

Éditeur: Philip Broder
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Description de l'appli

Only some people will ever see Level 17, fewer still will complete it.

Are YOU up to the challenge? Join the leaderboard today.

Level 17 is a game of skill. A simple at heart gravity puzzle game of increasing difficulty culminating in the 'almost' impossible Level 17.

Using the accelerometer in the new AppleTV Remote tilt the Remote to move the varying shapes to their matching vortex to complete the level, later levels require multiple steps to complete the puzzle. Keep improving your times on each level and climb the leaderboard, the Total time leaderboard is the one to win.

Level 17 is a real challenge - easy to get started, difficult to finish. Download now and give it a try and climb up the leaderboard ranks.


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