Scenic Loops - Fireplaces

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Warm up with "Scenic Loops - Fireplaces" for Apple TV! Download today to choose from nine beautiful, cozy fireplaces. By using HD video loops, "Scenic Loops - Fireplaces" doesn't use any bandwidth, so you can feel comfortable leaving it running as long as you like.

"Scenic Loops - Fireplaces" is perfect for
- Family rooms, theater rooms, or bedrooms
- Waiting rooms (doctor's offices, dentist offices, etc.)
- Gathering places
- Office reception areas
- Exercise, yoga, meditation, or relaxation areas
- Natural environmental "white noise" for productive work environments
- Any TV that would look better with a flickering fire instead of sitting black on a wall

Other fireplace apps on the App Store show videos from the cloud, which means they have to stream or download videos when watching them. Because "Scenic Loops - Fireplaces" is under the 200MB limit for app local storage, you can use it stress-free, knowing you won't be clogging up your network or using any bandwidth.

All source video was professionally shot in stunning 4K on iPhone 6s Plus phones and digitally mastered in HD.

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