Mandala Meditations

Éditeur: Tim Dietrich
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Mandala Meditations
• Mandala Meditations is a lifestyle app made for the new Apple TV.
• Contains 6 unique mandala animations set to music
• Over 30 minutes of content
• Created with everyone in mind: children, beginners, and advanced practitioners.
• Perfect for relaxing the mind and the body
• These are not guided meditations.
• Please note: This app does not function as a screensaver.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Make your room / space comfortable and free of disturbances — mute your phone, feed the cat, and notify family or roommates you'll be meditating. Grab a light blanket if you think you will need it.
2. If you know that you will be worrying during the meditation period, write down everything you need to do or want to remember before you begin. Include everything from taking out the trash, to making those phone calls, to scheduling appointments — anything that your mind will use as an excuse NOT to meditate. Write it all down.
3. Move into a comfortable position. Ideally, sit with a straight back either on the floor or in a firm chair.
4. Take a few deep breaths making a note of any tension you are holding in your body. Relax those areas as you exhale.

1. Select an animation from the list. You may either view the animation with the accompanying music or set the tv to mute if you would prefer silence.
2. Focus on the mandala and let go of all thought.
3. Whenever you notice you've gotten lost in your thoughts, gently return your focus to the animation. Breathe. Relax.

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