OLED Clock

Éditeur: Christian Moeller
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No burn-In! This clock is perfectly suited for TVs using OLED displays (e.g. LG or others), because the clock won't stand still on the screen but moves around constantly using any available pixel of the screen over time. Also it smoothly changes color over the complete color spectrum, so that every sub pixel (red, green, blue) will be used evenly. This prevents the so called "burn-in effect" any OLED display shows, if certain pixels are switched on for a very long time. The clock not just works on OLED TVs but on all TVs. But there's more:

- NEW: digital or analog representation of the clock. You choose!
- choose between several nice looking fonts to display the actual time
- adjust the size just by using the swipe gesture on Siri remote
- use automatic color changes "color cycling" (recommended on OLED TVs, can be switched off in settings)
- adjust the clocks brightness by using scroll up and down gesture on Siri remote
- click or double tap on Siri remote to show tab bar at top of the screen, here you will be able to switch between analog an digital representation and to settings, help or about page
- on settings page you can change font, color and animation speed as well as switch on/off seconds, blinking separators, 24h display and color cycling
- all adjustments are permanent! OLED clock remembers them on the next time you use it!
- help page provides necessary information about usage
- fully localized in english, german, hebrew, french and japanese (new!)

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