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Description de l'appli

Watch TV, Series and Films on the big screen.

The tvOS Application to Watch IPTV you need.

Discover all the content that your IP TV M3U Playlist contains using this app

How it works?

Install Movie Streams on your Apple TV from the App Store.

2. ADD
Import the sources you want using an IPTV M3U playlist.

Relax and watch your favourite content on your TV

Great features you'll love:

- Designed for tvOS
Dark Theme
Simple Yet Powerful
Tab Bars for a Quick Navigation
Beautiful Movie Posters

- Easy Playlist Management
Easily Add and Delete playlists
Refresh your playlist

- iCloud Syncing
Start watching in one device continue in another
All you content in all your devices
No setup, no manual actions, it just works!

- Paid Upfront Application:
No hidden features
Use as much as you want
Support a single developer

- The Perfect Player
All the controls you need but no more
Seek the time you want to see
Forward and Backward Shortcuts
Support the formats m3u8, mp4, mkv, mpv, 3gp, ts, and much more.

Note: The application doesn't contain any content, please contact your IPTV provider for the playlist. The content in the app screenshots is there only for illustrative purposes. The app is provided without any content.

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