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Air Quality Index – International PM-Pollution

Éditeur: Pilcrow AG
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Description de l'appli

Air Quality Index displays air quality and pollution data from on the Apple TV and makes it easy to spot possible health risks.

Air pollution and smog can be a serious threat to your health, the PM2.5 is the most common method to indicate air pollution. Air Quality Index adds more data like ozone, CO, SO2, NO2 and of course PM10 / PM25.
Combined with pollution forecast and weather forecast Air Quality Index makes best possible use of the big screen.

▶▶ Air Quality Index for iOS has been featured 389 times all around the world on iTunes and is now available for Apple TV too!

Air Quality Index Top Features:

Air Quality Index is tracking air quality data of measuring stations from all around the world, and unlike competitors these data are detailed and include a forecast.
- When there’s a station online, we display its data.
- When any new data are published, they are updated on your device – no matter if it is an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Apple Watch.

Depending on the availability of nearby located measuring stations following air pollution data are displayed:
• PM2.5
• PM10
• O3 (ozone)
• NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)
• SO2 (sulfur dioxide)
• CO (carbon monoxide)

Weather data are available on the same screen as well and include temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and more.

• A forecast for all weather and pollution data is available, color coding for air pollution data reveals possible health risks immediately.

The list as well as the pins on the global map are color coded to make the degreee of pollution - and resluting possible health risks - instantly visible.

▶ No other app collects a comparable amount of air quality data from as many different locations throughout the world like Air Quality Index does!

Air pollution is a real threat. Being up to date is the first step to protect yourself.
Air Quality Index is the tool of choice for this purpose!

▸ Air Quality Index is collecting, sorting and displaying data from places from all over the world. It is possible that certain measurement stations are temporarily out of order or delayed with transmission of relevant data. Pilcrow AG is not related to any of the data providers and therefore can not be held responsible for missing or inaccurate informations.
However, we strive to deliver information as accurate and complete as possible. We do not alter any values or data before bringing them to your device, what you see is what we get!

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