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We deliver chef-made dishes that you finish in minutes when you want to eat.

EatFirst is an online restaurant offering a variety of meals from delicious cuisines. The dishes are cooked by our top chefs and delivered chilled, to keep ingredients and flavours extra fresh. You can heat your food in minutes, where and when you’re ready to eat. All you need to do is to pre-order on our Apps and select your preferred delivery time.

The Apple TV app let’s you browse the full menu of EatFirst for the upcoming days and make an order.

How to order in the app:
- Wait for the app to automatically locate your address through GPS, or enter an address where you want food to be delivered.
- Check the full menu, use the Menu button to switch between days. Adding meals to the cart is just as simple, swipe up on the dish.
- Once you’ve selected your meals and preferred delivery time, login/go to checkout by pressing the Play button.
- Select your saved payment and place your order.

You can use our mobile apps and website to track the order and rate the meals.

- Check our menu for the day with full, bright pictures so that you don’t miss any detail.
- You can change the day by pressing the Menu key on your Apple remote.
- Add items to your cart by simply swiping up.
- If you want to check the simple preparation notes, the full ingredient list or the nutritional information, all you need to do is tap on a meal to access the full details.
- Login and checkout using the Play Button on your remote.

Experience a new way to dine with EatFirst:
- Our chefs cook dishes from delicious cuisines
- You order from our daily menu
- We deliver the food chilled, to keep flavour fresh
- You finish it in minutes, when you’re ready to eat

We currently serve London.

Awards and recognition:
- 2016 British Takeaway Awards: Best Takeaway in North London
- Featured on Bloomberg,,,, CityAM and more!
- We’ve sold more than 100.000 meals to date

Don’t forget to befriend EatFirst on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - just search for EatFirst!

*Need help or want to know more?
Visit the global page and apps for our help contacts!

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