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The PowerHouz Apple TV App simplifies your Apple HomeKit Home Automation experience, generates significant energy savings and provides you with an unprecedented level of security. Users should use the Apple TV app with the iOS App (iPhone or iPad) in order to enjoy the full set of functions.

PowerHouz integrates a unique set of functionalities:
- HomeKit Home Automation
- Cameras monitoring
- Surveillance mode
- Weather forecast

PowerHouz is the only Home Dashboard combining Home Automation, Communication, Organization, Security and Energy management in one slick design. It combines 26 key functions to put you in control of your life at Home.

The Home Automation module includes all the functionalities available from the Apple HomeKit Standard and allows to manage all HomeKit Accessories, Monitor Cameras, create Groupings, Scenes or Triggers from your iPhone or iPad Devices.

The surveillance mode is completely customizable to each individual needs were Sensors and Security accessories can be added just as building blocks. It also takes a more proactive and responsive approach to security threats by triggering automated actions based on the risk level and providing emergency protocols and communication alerts in case of an actual threat.

The communication Module is focused on the Home Residents, Neighbors and Services. It facilitates and automate messages and provide advanced functions like presence detections and alerts.

The Energy Management Module generates an estimated 25% energy savings for its users by leveraging Automations and Triggers to reduce wasted energy. It will also maximize Power Generation and Revenue.

PowerHouz is a Universal App that seamlessly works on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.
Empower and Simplify your Life with PowerHouz, Get it Now!

For more information go to: PowerHouz.com
*Some Apple HomeKit limitations may apply on the Apple TV version. For instance, some accessories may not work with the Apple TV yet and only the primary home is visible at this point.

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