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SMART Med TV is FREE and commercial-free, bringing you and your family the best quality health, wellness, and fitness TV shows worldwide.

At SMART Med TV, you can take yoga, Pilates or meditation classes with Dr. Melissa West. If your body is ready to step it up a notch, you can learn the best functional fitness for your body, with Fluid Health and Fitness.

After working out, why not kick up your culinary expertise and take a cooking class with Connie's RAW'some Kitchen? Most likely you will get hooked on Vegan and raw foods.

For those who suffer from Lyme diseases, Thyroid imbalance, Fibromyalgia and more, learn how you can heal your body naturally with Dr. Michael Johnson.

Love Opera, Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil? We promise that you will get hooked on learning healthy lifestyle living with the Potluck TV show and ThinkTech's Taking Your Health Back.

Find out how to recover from injury and get back to your life. Learn about tech-neck and posture "faux pas" that can cause aging and major health issue with Dr. Alan Cornfield's Smart Medical TV.

We are just starting out at SMART Med TV, so stay tuned for more shows to come. We truly wish everyone great blessings in their journey to great health, wellness and fitness.

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