SongPop Party - Music Quiz

Éditeur: FreshPlanet Inc.
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If you love music, this game is made for you!

Exclusively designed for Apple TV, SongPop Party plays your favorite music to test and expand your knowledge. To be enjoyed alone or up to 6 players.

- Original SongPop gameplay, enjoyed by more than 100M players, re-imagined for your living room
- Listen to real music and guess songs and artists
- Choose your music from dozens of genres and decades
- Level up your favorite categories! Unlock hundreds of playlists!
- Use the SongPop Party iOS app or MFI game controller to play with friends and family.

"Song Pop Party is the best local multiplayer experience for the home TV that you’ll find anywhere, really. It’s lighthearted, fun, fair, and, after a couple of beers, utterly hilarious. It is, frankly, almost enough of a reason to pick up an Apple TV all by itself.”

"The game is the perfect party game — and I can see groups of people loving this." Mashable

SongPop Party is free to play with no advertizing. You can enjoy and unlock the whole game for free but can choose to purchase in game multipliers to speed things up! An option to buy access to specific playlists is also available. This helps our small team to make updates and new games but is completely optional. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.

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