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Tune the projector before your presentation in a few easy steps, or compare 3D glasses on your home theater system. TV Tune Up 3D gives you the professional test patterns and audio test tones you need to tune your AV system.

You start with in TV TuneUp 3D in Basic mode, and take a series of simple steps with clear instructions to perfect the picture on your projector or display.  In 3D mode, the app provides advanced tools for measuring the ghosting or crosstalk for different combinations of displays and 3D glasses, for example. Use Engineer mode to view a selection of pixel-perfect synthesized test patterns and industry-standard charts provided by top test-equipment manufacturer LYNX Technik AG.

Get the most from your 3D TV

Your AppleTV can send a 3D picture to your 3D TV, and TV TuneUp 3D gives you the tools to find the best system, and get the most from it. After you check the stereo alignment, use the crosstalk test to measure and minimize ghosting. It will help you find the best glasses or even compare the systems in the store before you invest. Ghosting cannot be completely eliminated, but now you can reliably compare different systems, and even tune them to reduce the problem.

Tune up the seats!

Use the parallax guides to try different levels of 3D effect and make sure your seats are not too close or too far. Or just use them verify that the 3D system is working, no blu-ray DVD required.

Tune the tunes!

Use TV TuneUp 3D's audio test suite to optimize the stereo separation of your audio system, verify the speaker wiring polarity, and check for distortion or noise added by your audio components. When used in conjunction with audio equipment like a spectrum analyzer, level meter, or an equivalent smartphone app, you can diagnose problems and tune your system even beyond the range of typical adult hearing.

- Tune up your TV with a few simple steps
- Great with TV, projector, 3DTV
- High-resolution, professional quality test patterns including:
- NIST HD Standard Calibration chart
- EBU 7-1 Standard
- Gamma, Color Gamma Scales
- Color Convergence test
- Stereoscopic 3D test patterns for alignment, crosstalk measurement, parallax
- 3D output in standard Side-by-Side format, direct from your AppleTV
- Audio Test Signals from basic to advanced

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