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Joy Walls - 4k Wallpapers App

Éditeur: YoG
Prix: 1.20 USD avec des achats intégrés

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Description de l'appli

Joy Walls aims to provide you Unique 4K Wallpapers that satisfy your customization needs!
Get the best out of your phone with beautiful 4k Quality Wallpaper that Makes your Homescreen Look Stunning.All Walls come in 3 different color variations. So you get to choose the one that suits your liking.

The Artworks are crafted by keeping personalization needs in mind. Walls are highly about getting your Customization level up!

Joy Walls offers you some unique Categories like distorted, Setup specific, pattern, textures, Nature, cute vector Artwork, and much more. It keeps on growing with weekly updates (as it already has been receiving from the day of release). Each week I am adding unique, Pleasant, eye candy wallpapers. While making sure users are satisfied with what they get out of Joy Walls.

Features :

Enjoy a collection that keeps on growing: with over 500+ walls in the app right now, consistent weekly new Walls Added to ensure you get the most value out of Joy Walls.

favorites: liking wallpaper a lot? Add it in favorites for easy access.

Notifications: Receive Notifications for Newly Added Wallpaper update. You can unsubscribe from the notifications option available inside settings.

4k Wallpapers: all wallpapers are made at a resolution of 2160x4096 (Equivalent to 4k Resolution)

Categories :
Setup Specific
and much more

  • New wallpaper added weekly. You'll see new content in the app every Thursday (Updated usually around 7 am-11 am IST).
  • Do know that New walls are added as OTA (Over-The-Air) Update weekly. App update date on the play store doesn't refer to the last time content was added in-app.

    What is coming in upcoming releases?
    • Many New Wallpapers
    • Work on suggestions and changes requested by users.
    • Better and improved App Dashboard. (Work in progress)
    • And Much more.
    Suggestions are always welcome. We Highly appreciate your feedback!

    Feel free to contact us
    If you have any problems or questions or need some confirmation regarding any doubts you have

    Join Telegram Channel:
    Join Telegram Group for support:

    Follow me on for sneak peeks, news, anything related to Joy Walls and my other apps.
    Feel free to Send me DM on Twitter (@yogesh_gosavi_) to hear back from me. I would be happy to know you.

    Credits :
    • All the wallpapers handcrafted by Yogesh Gosavi (YoG)
    • Huge Thanks to Sangam Panda, Saumil Shah, Captain Price, Akash Dhuri, Bavith, Jesus Ruiz. Thank you for spending endless hours helping me. I am grateful for all the honest, brutal, genuine feedback and suggestions I got from you. Without you guys, Joy Walls would not have been possible. I highly appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into all of this.
    • Thanks, everyone at the ESICA group, for Showing interest and pushing me to create this app
    • Thanks, Jahir Fiquitiva for Frames Dashboard.

    All the artworks offered on Joy Walls are for Personal Use only! If you are interested in using my artwork for a commercial purpose, please do contact me at


    Thank you for all your support! I Highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Do you like what Joy Walls have to offer? Do leave a genuine review.

    Having some issues regarding your Purchase?
    Allow me to help you resolve the issue. Please email me at I'll resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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