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Description de l'appli

Rocket Booster is a simple and multifunctional phone cleaner for Android. It will help you save battery power and clean storage space in just a couple of touches. You can also use the cpu cooler, ram optimizer and cache cleaner to optimize phone for gaming and resource-demanding tasks.

You can’t figure out why the phone is lagging? No idea why there’s always no free storage space for new apps? To prevent these problems, you need to check the cpu monitor and storage analyzer from time to time and then remove junk if necessary. Let our memory cleaner will do these tedious tasks for you!


Clear performance monitor with ram usage
Precise cpu cooler
Battery saver with 3 modes
One-tap memory booster and cache cleaner

Here’s some advice on how to better use the functions of our phone optimizer app

❄️Cool down your phone for better performance

If you begin to notice drops in the phone’s performance, especially in games and other intensive tasks, you should definitely use phone battery cooler and ram cleaner to free up precious resources in order to increase performance and fps in games.

🗑Remove unnecessary files to make more space for what you really need

Can’t free up space on phone to download an app? Storage cleaner will show you how much space cache files and other junk occupy. Phone cleaner app will quickly analyze and erase all unnecessary files. In case you don’t know much about how to clean cache and search history, or optimize memory with RAM cleaner, then you can rely on our junk cleaner to do it for you!

🔋Save power to make the charge last longer

The phone’s battery runs low significantly faster while using power-consuming apps, especially when there’s lots of them, which might also affect performance. If your phone starts lagging and freezing, be sure to use a battery optimizer. Our battery saver app analyzes energy-consuming apps and offers three different power saving modes depending on how much charge you want to save.

📱Reach maximum performance with RAM cleaner

If you want to utilize all available and hidden potential of your phone for really resource-intensive tasks, then the first thing you should do is free up memory (RAM). The memory cleaner checks if there’s any insignificant processes that can be stopped without damaging the system. After the analysis, you can safely tap “Optimize” and see how much memory becomes available for gaming and work. With our memory optimizer, you can play really graphics-heavy games without significant fps drops.

Use our multifunctional phone cleaner to make it easier to keep the performance of your device at maximum. Junk file cleaner, battery saver and cpu cooler in one app — a real multi-tool in the mobile world.

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