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mojaRBA - mobilno bankarstvo

Éditeur: Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska
Prix: Gratuit

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Description de l'appli

Everything you have used so far in RBA na dlanu application, with mojaRBA application is even faster and easier! We have listened to you and introduced some practical innovations in the new mojaRBA application. But no worries, all basic functionalities are still available.

What can mojaRBA offer you?

Quick and easy activation and login:

• Activate it in a few clicks through the existing RBA na dlanu application and/or iDirekt Online Banking
• Sign in to the app in seconds with fingerprint/face scan (of course, you can also use PIN login)
• With mToken you can sign in iDIREKT Online Banking, eCitizens system and/or authorize online card purchases

Customized view and easy control of all your finances:

• Quickly and simply review all your finances - from accounts and credit cards to savings and loans
• View details of your accounts and transactions
• Review all your transactions (from those you made long ago to future transactions)
• Decide which accounts you want to see in the first place when you sign in (account reordering) and which ones you want to remove from the Account screen
• Choose whether you want to see the balance of your accounts right away or you prefer to hide balance so it’s not visible after login
• Rename your accounts to help you recognize them (for example, "My Saving")
• Keep track of all your expenses and incomes per account / card to better manage your money
• Change the category of each transaction
• Activate debit and credit cards received by mail
• Download PDF confirmation for all payments you make
• Receive notifications for any rejected orders (inbox)

All types of payments simplified:

• Send IBAN of your account or loan number without typing in numbers (now you can do it in three clicks only) in barcode format
• Make a recurring payment - it’s useful if you make a payment with the same amount every month
• Exchange currencies in the Exchange and check the Exchange rate list at any time
• Pay monthly bills in no time with FotoNalog
• Pay to recently paid recipients (Favorites)
• Pay to Contacts whose IBAN you have saved
• Pay with a barcode uploaded from your mobile phone gallery - you do not need to have a payment slip next to you, it is enough e.g. that you received a payment slip with a barcode by mail, took a photo of it or someone sent you the barcode
• Pay your credit card/loan costs in a few clicks
• Repeat your previous payments

Customized, fast and easy to use application:

• Use Fast actions - get to your favorite functionalities in the app with just a click
• Select the type of keypad when entering the pin - standard or scrambled keypad
• Choose how your account balance is displayed on payment orders - depending on whether you want to see booked or available (booked amount increased by allowed overdraft) balance
• Use the application in English or Croatian
• And, if you need any help, you can find instructions in Menu, under the Help option

We have also introduced new security standards to keep your information protected and confidential.

You can use the app on Android devices with OS version 5.0 and higher.

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