SPOON RADIO: live stream, voice chat and music.

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Description de l'appli

Spoon is a live stream app that lets you listen to and chat with real people, just like you.
People with passion, joy, talents, and ideas. If you want to speak up, there are always people who will listen.

Spoon live streaming app truly connects you with an audience by broadcasting your voice. Like podcasts and talk radio, you can find amazing content and talent. Unlike podcasts or radio, you can directly support Spoon DJ sets by giving them digital gifts when they livestream. With Spoon, you can make money by being yourself and performing live talk. Just like your own listeners can support you, too.


Discover DJs and conversations:

Spoon DJs talk about everything. From their own lives and relationships, to music, comedy and so much more. They stream music, even play full DJ sets they create or sing too. When you find a DJ you like, you can listen to them LIVE, hear their recorded CASTs, and follow them to be notified when they are streaming next. It’s the best kind of live radio, more real than recorded podcasts and more intimate than talk radio.

Join the conversation:

With our voice chat you can become part of the conversation by sharing your thoughts and feelings via voice chat for all to see. Send emojis, buy gifts, make money while broadcasting and connect with others. All in voice chat.

Our LIVE Call feature lets DJs invite you to go LIVE with them! Become part of their stream and make your voice heard. It’s like live talk radio, reinvented.

Start your own live talk conversation:

Starting a LIVE stream on Spoon takes just one click. This isn’t pre-recorded, it’s real life. No editing, post-production, or filters. Just the real you. Some people tell stories. Some work through their problems. Some play music. Some review games. It’s all up to you.

Make friends and grow:

On Spoon, followers and DJs become friends. Our DJs build audiences because of what they say and how they think, and are able to earn money doing it. Appearances don’t matter. The relationships are real - you can hear it.

Real people, making money broadcasting their voices:

Have you ever been listening to someone on a podcast or radio and thought “RIGHT ON!” Spoon
Radio’s unique platform lets listeners give their favorite DJs digital gifts which can be redeemed for cash. Agree with their ideas? Give a gift. Want to support their cause? Give a gift. We let you help your favorites earn money by doing what they love!

Spoon is the best platform for creators and influencers because it lets you live stream your voice, be yourself, and earn money, unlike any other platform. You can take your online audience with you as you go and engage with them in a whole new and easy way by streaming your thoughts and talents.

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