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9 puzzle: Tile shuffling mind teasing logic game

Éditeur: Some6Team
Prix: Gratuit

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Description de l'appli

Tired of up and coming, state-of-the-art jigsaws that beffudle your mind with all its' novelty? How about returning to a good old classic with a modern twist? 9puzzle: Tile shuffling mind teasing logic game is a simple, free, hyper casual game created by a small team of indie developers, for you to pass this horrid, tough time. A free braintwister that you can play wherever you go. May it be on the bus stop waiting for a ride, or a minute on the toilet. It can be a completely calming method to relax after a busy day at work. A way to have some silent time for yourself. Or if you have a more competitive side, you could try to beat your own highscore with a incorporated time function. You will exercise your little grey cells in a race against time to achieve the best score you can. Will you improve? Better yourself? How fast can you be? The game tools and controls are simple to control, but is it really so easy or is the game a little harder to crack. So will you be the one to master 9puzzle: Tile shuffling mind teasing logic game?

9puzzle: Tile shuffling mind teasing logic game will divide a picture in 9 parts and shuffle them. Relocate one of the pieces in it's respective place and coinsidingly create space to move around other pieces. You will complete the game, when you slide all the pieces to their proper place and form an enchanting image. With a number of soothing photographs to choose from, the time will just fly by. There are photos of animals, cars, motorcycles, nature, planes and so much more.
However you don't need to limit yourself with a database of preselected photos. Just create your own images to play with. So if you're self-isolating or just far away from your family and missing them, you could always make a collage out of a family photo. Or perhaps a lovely puzzle with your pet. Maybe a flashback to that wild party you had the day before? Or the view outside your window is just stunning today and you want to snap a picture of it and play with it a little bit. This is now all possible with the new 9Puzzle*** The world is at your feet.
But if there's a doozy of a game and you simply can't find the answer, we offer help in form of a hint. No need to get scared. Remain an enthusiast and use that little cheat to help yourself get over that hurdle of a puzzle that stumps you. We know you can do it! Everybody needs some help from time to time.

So in conclusion! 9puzzle: Tile shuffling mind teasing logic game is an uncomplicated, free game, designed for the young and the old! Simple to play and fun to win! Amazing soundtracks that will literally bring music to your ears and eye-catching graphics for you to rest your eyes on.

Download now and play to your hearts content.

Let us know about any problems and suggestions you might have. Help us create a fantastic world of phenomenal puzzles that are appropriate for each and every generation. We will try our best to incorporate all your wishes!

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