Battle Royale

Éditeur: Wild Money
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Description de l'appli

Game for mobile devices on Android Slime challenge from the popular developer Wild Money — a great way to relax from routine Affairs. Thoughtful and simple gameplay will easily plunge into the game, create your slime (Lizun) and proceed to the most important thing-earning virtual coins to open improvements. Slime Original game will captivate you for hours. You can run it and let your child play (age limit 3+) — he will be delighted with it.

System requirements

Quite simple in functionality toy in which you need to squeeze slime, not demanding to the resources of your mobile device. To install it you will need:
- smartphone or tablet;
- Android OS version 4.4 and above;
- Internet connection to upload statistics and purchase in-game currency;
- more than 40 MB of free space on the internal drive.

Slime 3d works perfectly on old and new devices, and thanks to excellent optimization, it discharges the battery to a minimum.

How to play

The meaning of the game is very simple-DIY slime and earn game coins to create an even better slime. The toy is almost endless, and due to the lack of dynamic moments, it can serve as a good antistress therapy.

To start playing slime, you need:
- Launch the app and tap on the " + " located at the center bottom of the screen.
- Choose a slime recipe to cook. At first, the classic, transparent and dense Lizun will be available.
- Then you need to knead the main ingredient (glue). Slime need to cook by swiping your finger on the screen in the bowl.
- Next, water is added, everything is thoroughly mixed in the same way.
- Then an activator is added, after which all the ingredients are again thoroughly mixed.
- At the last stage, there is a thorough mixing of all ingredients until the progress bar located at the top of the screen is completely filled.
- Then you need to choose what color will be hand slime, mix the selected dye with the previously prepared mass.
- Next, it remains only to decorate slime crispy. There are 3 decoration options to choose from.
- At the final stage of cooking, you need to assign a name to the slime and click on the "Continue" button.

It remains only to drive your finger across the screen, stirring antistress lezun and earning game points. They can be spent on improvements in the future.

Slymy application on the phone Battle Royale received the following functionality:
- in the upper left corner of the home screen is the settings icon, made in the form of a gear. Language switching is available in the settings (Russian language is supported);
- in the lower left corner is the "Home" button. Clicking on it, the player will go to the main screen of the game;
- the top right corner shows the number of game points. Clicking on them opens a window for buying game currency for real money. Also in this window you can connect a premium account and remove ads (paid services). Slime-battle Royale is really addictive slime that can captivate you for a long time. Just download the game from Google Play and see for yourself.

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