Fitness & Gainage par GetFit: Exercices chez soi

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Fitness Workout by GetFit is a great workout app that is designed to help you achieve fitness goals without equipment. Need more fitness motivation to lose weight, get in shape or even gain weight? No problem! Our app includes everything you need to reach amazing results.

Home workout routine planner, pocket-size personal trainer, fitness tracker - all in one fitness app! It offers a workout program with different exercises that are suitable both for men and women.

Starting any new workout program can be very challenging. You need to know what muscles to train, what fitness trainer to choose, workout schedule to plan, gym to go to and so on. There is no need to wonder anymore. Just decide on your fitness goal - get in shape, lose weight, get fit or gain weight, and the app will develop a special workout plan for you. The app also considers your characteristics such as gender, age, current weight and workout activity.

No matter how often you train or how physically strong you are. GetFit is a perfect fitness app that is designed both for men and women with a strong desire to reach their goals while doing home workout routine. Want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs for the summer? In search of effective bikini body workout for women? Get the best workout plan designed to help you lose weight, get fit or strong, and even gain weight!

Compare your body transformation over time by taking pictures before and after training. Know exactly when and how much you trained. The inbuilt calendar will log your fitness progress, so you will always stay motivated. All workouts are designed by professional fitness trainers - this will guarantee you positive results provided that you stick to your workout plan, full of energy and determination to work hard.

- Personalized training plan: get customizable workouts according to your fitness goals.
- Workout without equipment: train at home, in the office, or wherever you are.
- Plenty of home workouts performed and recorded by professional fitness trainers.
- Workout planner: train with a flexible workout schedule that is preferable for you.
- Body transformation progress tracker: track your weight loss and fitness goals.
- Workout exercises for men and women: strength and weight training, cardio workout, fast workouts, exercises for back, abs, butt, legs, belly, etc.

Fitness Workout by GetFit will truly transform the way you train! Get started now!

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