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Multilingual app ADR Tool 2019 Dangerous Goods mainly displays selected interpretations and information, per UN No., sourced in the Table A of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) applicable as from 1 January 2019.

The benefits of using our unique ADR Tool 2019 Dangerous Goods app :
◈ 26 languages → app MENU language : PL, GB, DE, RU, FR, NL, NO, DK, SE, FI, CS, SK, HU, RO, ES, PT, IT, TR, HR, SL, LT, LV, ET, EL, IS, TH
◈ 23* languages → Proper Shipping Names and descriptions : PL, GB, DE, RU, FR, NL, NO, DK, SE, FI, CS, SK, HU, RO, ES, PT, IT, TR, GR, LT, LV, EE, HR
◈ 16* languages → full text of CV, V, S and Special Provisions : PL, GB, DE, RU, FR, NL, NO, DK, SE, FI, CS, SK, HU, RO, ES, PT
◈ 26 languages → terminology of kinds of packagings : PL, GB, DE, RU, FR, NL, NO, DK, SE, FI, CS, SK, HU, RO, ES, PT, IT, TR, GR, LT, LV, EE, HR, SL, IS, TH
◈ 25 languages → driver’s written instructions : PL, GB, DE, RU, FR, NL, NO, DK, SE, FI, CS, SK, HU, RO, ES, PT, IT, TR, GR, LT, LV, EE, HR, SL, IS (direct download from
◈ points calculation ("orange plates fixing"), weight information → loading list creation up to 20 UN Nos
◈ Export one or many loading lists to csv and xls file → find the output file in default DOWNLOAD catalogue of your device or send it via E-MAIL - important feature for annual reporting; loading lists history
◈ High Consequence Dangerous Goods (HCDG) limits and calculation
◈ 3 easy searching ways → by UN No., PSN, HIN No.
◈ 4 switchable screens with tailored data → Table A, Simplified (clarified information e.g. tunnels, exemptions, HIN No meanings and more), Driver and Incident
◈ Export ADR Specification (Loading list) to docx file
Tunnels' categories in Europe → pointer per country
Eurotunnel’s restrictions per UN No. → 2019 Guide
Vehicle and personal equipment pointer per UN No. and many more information provided in a clear and convenient way
◈ English language → app database
News tab.

* When you see "ADR 2019" in the text it means we are waiting for the ADR regulations in your language. New Proper Shipping Names, CV, V, S and special provisions will be updated as soon as possible on regular basis.

☆ Quick and simple practical guide in everyday use (with database offline) - important for less experienced and experienced users in transport industry (drivers, forwarders, planners, warehouse staff, customers and sales reps, instructors, mentors, managers, DGSAs, auditors, firemen, enthusiasts and others). It gives solid competitive advantage and supports in gaining success in day-to-day duties - just see for yourself and enjoy and benefit from our supporting & user friendly software! An essential tool for everyone involved, in their pocket! ☆

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ADR Tool team

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