Fantasy Three Kindoms

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Description de l'appli

"Fantasy Three Kingdoms" is a 3D battle-chess card game with historical elements from the Three Kingdoms Era combined with a mythical setting. Historical figures of the Three Kingdoms are now in cartoonlike design. Character training, development, equipment enhancement, platooning, beasts taming, arenas, alliance battles, battle-royale, all out wars and many game modes are included.
The player can conquer the Three Kingdoms as a kingdom master. Recruit your military commanders, prepare your troops, and enhance their strength through the story. PVP across the server provide fast paced fun, and player would eventually grow into the world conqueror! What are you waiting for? Come to "Fantasy Three Kingdoms" to dominate the world!

[Feature 1]
Legends of the Three Kingdoms with dynamic gameplay!
Train your legendary commanders, upgrade your equipment, tame sacred beasts. Gemstone systems, unique spirit companion and martial arts provide endless playtime.
[Feature 2]
Cartoonlike champion card are now filled with awesome artwork!
A team of well-known artists has created more than 300 champion cards! Each of theThree Kingdoms characters has updated modern cool look!
[Feature 3]
Countless skills with special effects!
Kingdom masters possess different skills, and each champion has its unique abilities. Tons of full screen special effects waiting for you to discover!
[Feature 4]
Innovative 3D cards!
Say goodbye to the old playing-cards design! The cartoonlike version of the 3D characters look exquisite, and it makes your champions more life-like!
[Feature 5]
Huge amount of events and free gifts!
Each new player is rewarded with eight gifts to start off! Log in daily to unlock unique S-class champions! KongMing ZhuGe,Chan Diao, Meng Lyu, Chao Ma ready to fight!
[Feature 6]
Strategy and planning will lead you to glory!
Level up to unlock a variety of troop arrays. Earn your victory through strategies!
[Feature 7]
Win your battles! Rule your Kingdom!
The new league mode gameplay is online. Get ready to gather the warriors of the world to unite and conquer the world of the Three Kingdoms! Kingdom war mode, alliance siege mode, survival mode and more are here for you to explore!
* Epic legends retold. A true Three Kingdoms masterpiece game voted by players;
* Fulfill the dream of having the incomparable strength during Three Kingdoms;
* With rich social function in game, playing with diplomatic skills can finally come true;
* For a limited time, large amount of in game currency are given out daily. Play now and receive yours, and do not forget to claim your purple rarity champion for seven days login reward;
* Four major pieces of additional contents have been added. Gameplay is easy to learn, and victory is within your grasp;
* The game takes you to the ancient battlefield, where strategies determine victory. In game voice chat is supported;
* Play however you like. Take care of internal affairs within your kingdom, and challenge other kingdoms;
* Cross-server competition with fast paced strategies. Battle to win the glory;

three kingdoms three kingdom الممالك الثلاث 三国志

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