Coin Stars

Éditeur: 1905 Games
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Description de l'appli

Equip & upgrade your cute band of intrepid COIN STARS for battle.

Play with your Facebook friends: steal their loot, smite their own COIN STARS and stop other players from doing the same attacks on you! As you grow and master the game, you’ll discover and collect more and more COIN STARS. You’ll encounter stars from history, stars from literature, stars from the world of TV, movie stars, and stars from legend. From ancient Rome to distant future worlds, there are loads of famous stars to discover and collect.

You’re going to win heaps of coins playing COIN STARS. Spin the slots game to trigger prizes: win big coin bonuses by matching the three icons. Three coins wins big, and three coin sacks wins even more bigly! Collect shields to add some protection for your plucky band of pixel heroes. You’ll be able to take the fight to your friends by getting three swords or you can also steal their loot if you get three winged-treasure-pots! Every day we top you up and every day you will grow your heroes and fend off attacks.

As you encounter new COIN STARS, you’ll be able to collect cards featuring them. Find all the cards in any collection you’ll win BIG prizes and annoy your friends as you pull ahead of them on the high score table. You can also trade cards with friends as well if you are feeling charitable!

We’ve got a Facebook group as well – a great place to ask for missing cards and hook up with other players, and also pick up top prizes, offers and tips.

- Prepare and grow your plucky band of COIN STARS for battle!
- Go head to head with friends and strike down their own COIN STARS
- Steal or be stolen from. The best prepared COIN STARS are prepared for raids.
- Play for free (in-app purchases are available).
- There are ZERO annoying forced ads in game.
- Follow our Facebook page for news on events and offers.
- Having a problem? Get in touch via the in-game SETTINGS menu, or email us at

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