Enchanted Kingdom: Le Venin d'une Étrangère

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After doing such a great job in previous hidden object mystery games, it’s time for you to enjoy an outstanding night at the theater, and solve lots of brain teasers, puzzles and finding games! A new stunning performance is premiering, and you’ve got front row seats. But like in most new hidden objects games, things take a deadly turn when a rising star Amber attacks the head of the company, and that is just the grim beginning! So, let’s start an unforgettable quest in this epic adventure of hidden objects free games! Can you solve interesting riddles and intriguing puzzles and find hidden treasures to prevent dangerous crystals from destroying your Order and the world? Seek and find the culprit, help the residents, and stop the evil dancer from hurting everyone! Save the enchanted Tar Empire in this sensational seek and find hidden objects game – Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger’s Venom Collector’s Edition!

Someone kidnapped Dr. Klein’s little niece, and now it’s up to you to go through tons of interesting search games, solve challenging riddles and puzzles, and find all the hidden objects to chase the evil culprit who stole the baby!

While playing this hidden object game and solving mysterious puzzles, you will also be gathering beautiful and shining crystals to equip your Medico Imperium Healer Laboratory! Challenge yourself with free hidden objects games and magic puzzles! Search and find hidden objects to solve the mystery behind Amber’s crystals.

These new seek and find games free are full of perfectly drawn landscapes and locations of the fantasy world of the Enchanted Kingdom! Learn more about the Medico Imperium Order and the culprit’s fate while playing find objects games and exploring the Tar Empire! Learn how to stop Amber and her destructive crystals before it’s too late! Seek for free new hidden objects games to spend your free time with pleasure!

In this version of Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger’s venom Collector’s Edition full of hidden objects mystery games, you may also collects incredibly beautiful morphing objects, collectibles, download wallpapers, replay your favorite free hidden objects puzzles and enjoy concept arts!

Download and play our new find hidden objects game of Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger’s Venom Collector’s Edition and enjoy the impressive plot twists and wonderful mini-games! Finding object games, difficult puzzles and adventure games are waiting for you in Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger’s Venom Collector’s Edition!

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