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mission américaine contre attaque terroriste

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Description de l'appli

US Army Mission Counter Terrorist Attack Shooter is the ultimate long range sniper 3d shooter game. You can show off your sniper shooting skills and also you can rescue the Innocent civilians. Due to interesting story of game, we sure you will American sniper enjoy very much. Let’s you try what it takes to become a real life sniper strike and learn how to rescue many Innocent civilians. Good thing is you have unlimited ammunition and health bags with you so take position aim your best sniper gun and shot these dangerous terrorists and rescue the innocents peoples. Now you have a mission, a terrorist group has occupied the some city area and hijacked the innocent citizens as hostages. As a good sniper hero and sniper games expertise your mission is to eliminate all the terrorists and rescue the hostage. Here you need a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shooting techniques, allow your head to calm down, to enjoy this challenging sniper game. So you must eliminate terrorists from crowed and rescue the peoples, because you are a sharp shooter.
US Army Mission Counter Terrorist Attack Shooter & A secret agent of US sniper army is trained sniper shooter and has good command in target and attack enemy then shooting who always operates his secret mission under US army radar and never failed in any his commando missions. He has good practice in sneak stealth moves in counter terrorist area. Infiltrating in terrorists hideout with his sneak stealth moving skills, shooting terrorists with his sniper gun and rescue foreign diplomats are challenges for military assault in this counter terrorist agent hostage rescue missions game. Secret agent who is secret spy of agent survival of US army and his secret commando mission to rescue foreign diplomats and their family from terrorist hideout. These terrorists are a big thread of national security and they have already stolen important secret files of national security from diplomat’s offic. You will help this terrorist takedown to rescue diplomats in third person shooter hostage rescue mission.
US Army Mission Counter Terrorist Attack Shooter top free 3d shooter game in action gendre is very easy to use. Use your target shooting skill to play counter terrorist shooter hostage rescue commando mission game just like other agency shoot attacking games. Sniper range & secret agent hostage rescue mission game is shooting game and staying in a stealth mission to hide from counterterrorist and enemies & their security cameras. Fight and shoot all terrorism shooter and terrorist bosses to end up sniper shooting mission with your long range guns and complete diplomats rescue & assassination missions. You are the part of top-level special force member and will act like a highly trained secret agent assassin in sniper shooting game. Though you are not contract killer but your contract killing skills will help to assassination of terrorist gang. Army rescue skills and elite sneak skills to find terrorist hideout and rescuing all diplomats and their family is your secret rescue missions.
US Army Mission Counter Terrorist Attack Shooter best experience you can get as sniper has all the commandos and fighter actions which one wishes for. Swat strike based on World War 2 and they Call of Sniper to help them all these World War 2 Snipers are the best snipers games and they can hunt down all the Terrorists and win the battle and us sniper are the best sniper in the world .
US Army Mission Counter Terrorist Attack Shooter features.
Different 50 level with different environments
Real time rescue challenge
The natural sounds of fire and game music
Easy to use control and smooth animations

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