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#It's time to create your own legendary fishing diary, upgrade your guns, let's go fishing!
Have you ever played the hottest Asian arcade shooting fish video game machine? Which is commonly called Fish Hunter or Ocean King. It is a sea monster shooting game that can be played by 4 to 8 players. Your main mission is to get the highest score and the most gold coins by shooting and catching the bigger and bigger fish even some rare boss fishes in the ocean.

And Ban Ca Fish is a online version of those shooting fish game, which features a variety of vivid fishes. Unlimited deep-sea fishes, professional fishing gears, powerful fishing props, nothing can stop you from being a professional fish master. We present beautiful images and effects for fun and freshness, and many interesting features so you won't get bored. The bosses were even more cool, you can fight the Shark, Whale, Dragon, Giant Frog or Monkey King to get the Jackpot. What you need to do is somewhat similar to play slot machine. Insert coins, aim at the target, and fire.

*** Features ***
1. Hundreds of ways to get coins and gems
- Coins and gems can be won by catching fish.
- Many events: Daily bonus, fortune spin, lottery and daily quests, etc.
- If you have time, watch Ads can also earn free coins and gems.

2. Face other players
You can choose 2 or 4 players mode when you compete with others. Multiplayer excitement brings the essence of its own preoccupation to this game.

3. Various fishing gears
- You have a unique fishing gear: Cannon Gun. When you aim and shoot at a fish. A bullet will transform to a net and finally catch the fish.
- You can choose more than 9 different cannon gun weapons that have unique abilities.

4. Various skills and props
- Lock. Aim at your target and become mania.
- Frozen. Freeze all the fish species in the entire screen, including the boss fish.
- Summon. Summon a fish randomly. It might be a big boss.
- Bomb. Deep water bombs can almost catch all type of fishes.
- Automatic shooting. The gun will shoot in one direction automatically for a while.

5. Various game modes
- Classic mode. Restore the feeling of classic arcade fishing Ocean King.
- Adventure mode. Single fishing mode, endless missions.
- Arena. Beat others and win the title of Fish Master in the Fishing Championship.
- Mini game. Ocean Cursh match 3 game is suitable for killing time.
*And we are working on adding more gameplay to let your have a joy to catch fish species.

*** Contact ***
We would love to hear from you!
Please follow our Facebook page at:
You can reach us
We will check your feedback carefully and solve your problems as soon as possible.

For you gamers, it's time to play your game skills to produce hundreds of millions of rupiah. Defeat the Sea Dragon Monster and win the big prize.

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