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Light Reader - Books & novels

Éditeur: Transread Technology Limited
Prix: Gratuit

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Description de l'appli

This free app allows you to download millions of free books with little data usage, and read them at any time, anywhere offline. Night Mode and Eye-care Mode can reduce your eye strain. Find your next favourite from our personalized recommendations. Everything is so easy to use, and everything is free!

Key features:
📚Read millions of books with all genres for free at any time, anywhere.📚
Light Reader has Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Young Adults, Classic Literature, History, and many other books. Feel free to explore countless ebooks and web novels.

👨🏾‍🏫Let our daily push help you find your next favourite book.👨🏾‍🏫
Our daily push will recommend classics and best-selling novels to you. Are you ready to get obsessed with a new book?

😄Everybody can find their way to read what they like😄
You can change the font size (only available for the epub format), move the brightness slider to adjust brightness, shift to Night Mode. Don't forget to turn on our new eye-care mode to reduce your eyestrain.

📲Make reading e-books as convenient as reading paper books📲
Use the navigation bar in the side column to jump among different chapters. Add bookmarks whenever you need, and browse these pages later.

🔎Key in the title, author, or ISBN and search like a pro🔎
Our powerful search engine enables you to key in the name of your favourite author, the title of that book you've been looking for, or just use ISBN number to get the specific result.

🔥Use Trending Words to make a quick search🔥
Do you not know what to read? Most popular books were screened just to meet your demands, and help you expand your bookshelf.

1. What is Light Reader?
Light Reader is a reading app and your ebook library. With Light Reader, you're able to search, download your favourite eBooks and read them offline

2. If I had a problem, how can I contact you?
You can reach out to us through We are glad to hear your feedback and help us become better

3. Why are my downloads pending / I am receiving a download error?
Please check your network connection first. If the connection is good, we recommend you try it later or change another search result.

4. Do I need to register to read downloaded books?
No. Some third-party websites may let you register after you download 5 books or more. You can choose another source or enjoy your reading first and download books tomorrow.

5. How can I adjust the text size?
A. Tap on the reading page
B. Tap on the setting button on the top right corner
C. Switch to text setting
D. Adjust the text size (only available for the epub format)

6. Can I read my books offline?
Sure, once they are on your shelf, you can read the books on your shelf anytime

7. How can I add a book/books to my shelf?
A. Search by the book title, author or ISBN, and you will be redirected to a third-party website
B. Choose one from the results, waiting for the download. It will automatically be added to your shelf
C. Enjoy your reading now

8. Once I have added a book to my shelf, will it always be available?
Yes, it will remain available on your shelf unless you remove it through the Edit button on your Shelf page

9. How can I remove a book from my shelf?
A. Tap the Edit button on the Shelf page
B. Select the book and delete it.

10. How do I add a bookmark and how to track it later?
A. Tap on the reading page
B. Tap on the bookmark button on the top right corner to add the current page to bookmark
C. You can track them on the bookmark list

11. How do I adjust from normal reading to night mode?
A. Tap on the reading page
B. Tap on the setting button
C. Switch to Night Mode

12. How can I share the books I downloaded with others?
You can share the downloaded books with others in the upcoming version

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