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**Introducing Kofi ® - An AI digital assistant that you can chat & talk to in Twi. Example: Just say "ɛ te sɛn?", then say "Kenkan twere kronkron no", then say the verse you want to open.

Over 1 million users & counting. The No.1 Original Twi and English Bible. An award winning app!

**The only Twi Bible app with complete offline scriptures, offline audio in Old & New Testaments (all for free) - Asante Twi, Akuapem Twi, English (NIV, KJV etc)

**Read side by side (parallel) or switch between Twi and English for both Old and New Testaments (Scriptures & audio)

Install The only Offline Holy Bible in Twi (Ghanaian), English languages with offline audio in Twi and English. The only Bible that talks to you! The Complete Holy Bible in your mother language + English all in your pocket. Read, Listen and Hear! The best of the best and much anticipated and sought after Ghanaian app. Hundreds of Thousands of people are using it. This is a smart & intelligent offline holy bible app approved and appointed to be read in churches & for personal use.

Some top features of Twi & English Bible:

- Complete Offline scriptures with offline audio in Twi & English languages for both Old & New Testaments
- The only Holy Bible that talks to you! High quality audio allows the Bible to be read to you out loud in Ghanaian & English languages
- Automatic scrolling feature allows the Bible to scroll automatically when audio is being played or read by the Kofi
- Full offline use for both scriptures and audio. You don’t need the internet to use it
- Add your own commentaries, text notes, voice notes, sermons, and record preachings, sermons, songs, praise, worships, church services and personal notes
- Complete Holy Bible in Twi, English containing both Old and New Testaments
- Full offline Speech and audio support - Smart Kofi can automatically scroll & read out loud scriptures to you
- Option to read scriptures in parallel mode(Twi and English Side by side) or in single mode (Twi or English)
- Bible with devotions - Be encouraged with daily devotional messages, motivational verses, inspirational verses to help you in your day to day life & overcome life obstacles
- Highlight, bookmark & save sections of scriptures and verses
- Copy, share, translate scriptures with friends & families.

This app will empower you spiritually through your walk with God. You can read in parallel mode (Twi and English side by side) or read in single mode (Twi or English). Kofi & Noah can automatically read scriptures to your hearing, scroll verses intelligently read out devotions, daily verses to you. This Twi Holy Bible allows you to highlight, bookmark any part of scriptures add personal notes, sermons, copy, paste, share scriptures with friends, family on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter

Switch between Asante(Kumasi) twi, Akuampem twi, Akyem Twi, Fante, Ewe, Ga, Nzema, Ga adangbe, dangme and English in King James Version (KJV), New International Version (NIV), Amplified Bible (AMP), New American Standard Bible, The Living Bible, New Living Translation(NLT), Ewe Bible, Ga Bible, Nzema Bible, Dangbe Bible, Fante Bible, Dangme, The Message Bible (MSG), NKV
Offers great educational experience, dictionary translator, reference point to learn Ghana’s most widely spoken language super Twi akan dialect
It’s the Twere KronKron nkwa nsem akan Bible in Akan language, English Language Super English & Twi bible. Top ghana app, best ghana app
From Alikoto, twi proverbs, oware, african proverbs, african radios, best of African apps & games on 2CTV app. Record live audio & video sermons, hymns, preaches, praise, worship, play back anytime. Listen to speaker translate languages in English to Twi & Twi to English, super english and Twi bible. Nzema in methodist, pentecost, Roman catholic, Jesus Christ churches, Yoruba, Igbo Bible, Fante Bible, Ga Bible, Twi Bible, Twi Akuapem Bible

Install this useful top app to grow your faith & get you closer to God. Don’t forget to leave us a review :)

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