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Want to try out the best virtual make up application? Want to use an application that transforms your selfies completely and then post it as story on social media application? Then this application is a must-have to instantly overhaul your selfies and give them an astonishing new look. With this app, you will be able to apply make up to your face, eyes, lips, hair, nose, cheeks and chin.

With this makeup camera application apply all the necessary effects to your face and have smooth skin, perfect foundation, puffy lips, bright eyes, thin chin, and new hair color & hairstyle. Moreover change the feel of your selfies after editing with an amazing collection of lenses, effects, frames, stickers, and filters.

Become a professional photo editor in no time with this easy to use and amazingly designed application. Capture snaps or open images from camera roll and edit them to create beautiful and natural-looking selfies. Look beautiful in no time in your way in every picture.

Increase your beauty with multiple built-in Makeup effects. The app is the easiest to get used to with tons of impressive features. Start by taking a selfie and continue with easy to use and gorgeous crafted editing tools, lenses and filters.
The app is not just another makeover app. It is also a must-have selfie camera.

One-touch makeup effect for all your facial features. Get Slim Face, Contour Face, Big Eyes, Straight Nose, Bright Eyes, Pulpy Lips, Change skin complexion, Whiten Teeth, Remove Pimples, Blemishes, Unwanted Spots, and Remove Eyebags.

Eye Makeup: Increase your eye beauty with various eye makeup features. Apply different eyelashes, make eyebrows thinner, get glittery eyes.
Lipstick Shades: Change lipstick color. Have glossy and Matte Lip shades.
Skin Tones: Various skin tone shades for all skin types. Blush cheeks. Apply foundation to your skin. Contour your face and get a few shades darker skin with reshaped nose, forehead, chin, and cheekbones.

Add AR filters to your selfies and make them stand out like never before. Take a photo with preset live filters like cat eyes, dog ears, rainbow and clouds, sunlight on the face and scary face. Choose from a variety of filters and effects and lots of amazing high-quality filters and get yourself beautify!

With the most advanced smart multi-face recognition process the app will automatically detect your facial features, make the implementation and application of makeup more accurate and naturally fit makeup. Just go to the settings page and enable features like Blur background.

Along with multiple make-up tools the application has also a wide variety of stickers and emojis. Choose from a huge collection of glasses, hats, ribbons, mustaches to make your selfies stand out like never before and add stickers and accessories to increase your image beauty.

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